Tom   May 12 2005
Hello, my compliments for this nice website! Please come see my website and photos sometime? Best regards, Tom from The Netherlands.

Gerd   May 11 2005
The only thing I want is to visit Mali and I hope to do it this year !

luis 14   May 11 2005
asking for a recent imigrated on mali from portugal name (chico or Quinho) usualy call by carica

Ahmed Afraz Arif   April 28 2005
Thanks for the wonderful picture collection of singapore i am travel agent and ur pictures help me to make different colorfull broshers and handbooks for the passengers to promote them to visit the singapore with different packages

Aranxiia   April 26 2005
this site is absolutley amazing because you've got lots of information i could use!

Mia   April 10 2005
Thank you for the wonderful resources. I spent a few weeks in Burkina Faso a few years ago and am just now getting around to my scrapbook. Your photos helped to jog my memory and label the multitude of photographs I took. Thanks for the help. Great site!

Molly Kaleya   April 9 2005
Can you tell me where the best resource is for finding out about Mali. I am doing a school project on the country and would appreciate your help.

nadia   March 2 2005
the site is nicer if can add more info.overall, keep it up!

Tony Helsloot   February 17 2005
I happy to find your site ,I enjoyed the many travel articles together with some good photos to illustrate them .Keep up the good work.

estefania   February 9 2005
this site is awesome!now i have about everything for my project about mali. the pictures have been of great use to me, thanks

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